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Welcome to Burwood One


keep an eye out for the many special events coming up

Burwood One Shopping Centre is always open for your convenience, and there's car park access straight to the Food Hub Balcony entry, with plenty of easy to access (and FREE!) parking available.

 You need to check out the new Food Hub, with Schnitz, Hunky Dory, Grill'd, Nandos, Subway, Groove Train, Shuji Sushi, Raiiola, and more!

Schnitz make schnitzels how a real schnitzel should taste... freshly crumbed and pan cooked. See why Schnitz is famous for their schnitzels at Burwood One.

Hunky Dory are famous for their Fish and Chips... now they need your thoughts on this week's Super Salad Special... if you love it, use the hashtag HunkyGreens on insta and Facebook.