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Phone: 03 9886 8146
At Schnitz, we bring the age-old culinary tradition of the schnitzel to modern-day tastebuds through fresh ingredients, a healthier pan-cooking technique and a delicious, crunchy crumb that would make even the most seasoned schnitzel pro swoon.
Phone: 9802 3074
Inspired by almost 90 years of fishing on the Greek Islands, Hunky Dory was established in 2004 as a family business with a vision to offering healthier seafood options along with the more traditional fish and chips.
Phone: 9803 3975
Shoes, keys, engraving and more
Phone: 9802 7753
Japanese cuisine is our passion and we strive to share the most original dishes with our guests. Our goal is to provide affordable Japanese cuisine through fresh ingredients, expert chefs and a friendly atmosphere. We are confident that our customers will enjoy our selections as much as we do!
Phone: 9808 0099
You can count on a Subway® Steak & Bacon with Cheese Sub to get the job done.